Make custom solutions for you and your customers by building EMPOWER modules and integrating with the Yuma 7, Ranger 7 or Nomad 5 Rugged Handheld.

Use a Trimble EMPOWER Module Development Kit to rapidly prototype your module ideas. Opportunities to improve your workflow and data capture are endless.

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Integrate your custom software with the Trimble Yuma 7, Ranger 7 or Nomad 5 Rugged Handheld and use with one or more Trimble EMPOWER modules.

Use the free Software Development Kits to tightly integrate your software with the Trimble EMPOWER modules and offer an enhanced user experience. Get direct access to Barcode, RFID and/or high accuracy GNSS data.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The most asked questions from our support crew.

Why should I join the Trimble EMPOWER Developer Program?

By joining the Trimble EMPOWER Developer Program you get access to everything you need to develop hardware and software to take advantage of Trimble EMPOWER modules. Access APIs, SDKs, design files, integration guides and more. You’ll also get access to buy the Trimble EMPOWER Module Development Kit which lets you prototype your module ideas and rapidly bring them to life.

How much does it cost to join the Trimble EMPOWER Developer Program?

Joining the program is free and gives access to all documentation, SDKs and APIs. The Module Development Kit (MDK) is a purchasable item.

Are there any limitations on the modules I produce using the MDK?

After registering for the Trimble EMPOWER Developer Program, we will be in touch to discuss your module idea and make sure that it’s acceptable. Once that’s agreed upon, you are free to prototype your module using the Module Development Kit (MDK). You are not permitted to sell the module built using the MDK. Once you decide to productize your module, you will need to enter into a distribution agreement with Trimble.

How do I join the EMPOWER Developer Program?

Joining is easy and free, just visit the registration page here. Tell us your module or software idea and we’ll be in touch!

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