Serialio introduces a new RFID tracking, validation, and management module.

The ease and accessibility of the Trimble EMPOWER platform allows us to develop solutions quickly and easily. Our custom module integrates with Trimble’s rugged handheld devices for a smart, durable data tracking system.” –Jon Dugan, Director of Business Development

Serialio’s new module is the first third party technology integration on the Trimble EMPOWER platform. Leveraging the Trimble EMPOWER Module Development Kit, Serialio has integrated their RFID/NFC smart card reader technology for a comprehensive solution that creates fast and efficient data collection workflows.

The new module delivers the powerful scanning technology of Serialio’s RFID/NFC readers and fits into the module bay of the Ranger 7, Nomad 5, and Yuma 7 series devices for a convenient field service tool. Used with Serialio’s Cloud-In-Hand® Solution Platform’s suite of data collection, validation, and management applications, the module provides a comprehensive operations management and data collection solution with all the durability of Trimble’s rugged handheld devices. The new module is capable of reading all standard smart card badge models, including iClass, iClass Elite, MIFARE, PROX, and more.

Serialio has a long history of providing innovative, optimized mobile solutions powered by more than 35 years of experience, and has been developing innovative Bluetooth barcode scanners to pair with Trimble’s industrial devices for almost 10 years. Serialio’s solutions are built with the needs of the modern workforce in mind, harnessing the power of smart card technology and cloud-based integration to provide organizations with highly effective, versatile data tracking and management systems.

The success of your mobile workforce depends largely on the effectiveness of the tools you choose.” –Jon Dugan, Director of Business Development

Accessories and Mobile Device Management (MDM) software, such as Serialio’s idChamp® RS3 Bluetooth Smart Card Reader, Scanfob® Ultra-BB2 UHF Reader/Writer, and BlueSnap Smart Bluetooth Adaptor, are optional accessories that enhance the capabilities of Serialio’s Trimble EMPOWER module. Both the idChamp® and Scanfob® read and transmit RFID/NFC data from smart cards, barcodes, and more, and the BlueSnap Smart Bluetooth Adaptor provides seamless data exchange from RS-232 connected devices. All three accessories are able to transfer the scanned data to SerialMagic, Cloud-In-Hand® Solutions Platform applications, third party applications, or in-house applications developed with Serialio’s API/SDK kit.

Serialio designs and implements solutions that meet the unique needs of any organization, including:

  • Attendance at remote sites, training, meetings, and classes
  • Time clocking
  • Entry/exit tracking
  • Workstation management and task tracking
  • Emergency evacuations and mustering
  • Asset management, including tool check out
  • Field service management
  • Mobile access control
  • Data collection and transfer
  • Inventory management

A module capable of reading all standard smart card badge models, including iClass, iClass Elite, MIFARE, PROX, and more on the Trimble EMPOWER platform.

Serialio has published videos of this integration on the Ranger 7 and Nomad 5 EMPOWER platforms.

Video of Ranger 7

Video of Nomad 5

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