Here you will find all the resources you need to start integrating your application with the Trimble EMPOWER platform.

Once you have registered for the Trimble EMPOWER Developer Program and logged in to this site, you can then access the Software Development Documentation and Downloads.

How do I get started developing software?

We want you to be able to integrate your software as easily as possible. Simply follow the steps below to get started!

Step 1

Review details of the EMPOWER Platforms and modules to inform your vision.

Step 2

Join the Developer Program.

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Step 3

Discuss Your Software Solution with Trimble.

After registration, we’ll be in touch to discuss your software solution and answer any questions you may have. Note: Some APIs may be limited and require extra agreements to be entered into prior to unlocking functionality.

Step 4

Download the software APIs and supporting documentation.

Documentation and Downloads (accessed when logged in) includes Software Development Kits, help files, sample applications and integration guides to help you get started writing code as quickly as possible.

Step 5

Start Developing!